we bring cutting-edge optimization to eyecare.

Spectacle lens technology has entered the 21st century with digital surface generation. However, this lens generation technology had, until recently, outstripped the lens designs' ability to exploit it.

FormuLens completes the puzzle, providing the capability to exploit both the high-resolution and individualized nature of lens production hardware.

We put the power in the hands of the eyecare professional by providing relevant and meaningful adjustment factors to cope with physical trade-offs.

Lens Algorithms

  • SimPAL - Progressive lens optimization suite.
  • SimuLens - Ray-tracing lens simulator.

Lens Designs

  • FormuLib - Deployable library of optimized designs.
  • Custom Generic - Fully-optimized result based on common requirements.

General Information

  • Optimization - a widely overused term. We use the strict mathematical sense: the optimal design can be mathematically shown to be the best possible result within some range of parameters, based on a given metric of performance.
  • Customization or Personalization - also an overused term. May mean anything from just providing the patient's personalized prescription, to that plus some set of additional personalizations such as inset, eye position, etc.

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